Maladaptive Daydreaming in the Media

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  Digital and Printed Press  

Top international and continental English media outlets (sorted by date)

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2021, December, Lifehacker, The Difference Between Normal and Maladaptive Daydreaming:

Intense, vivid, and long-lasting mind wandering can be problematic. (pdf version).

2021, December, Popsugar, If You Can Fantasize For Hours, There's a Name For That: Maladaptive Daydreaming. (pdf version).

2021, September, Psychology Today, Vivid Daydreams and What They May Mean (pdf version).

2021 September, Forbes, Vivid Daydreams Provide a Window Into One’s Personality, Suggests A New Study. (pdf version)

2021, September,, What Is Maladaptive Daydreaming? (pdf version)

2021, June - The Guardian, How the pandemic got us addicted to longing 7 and why it’s bad for us (pdf version).

2021, June - The Courier UK, VIDEO: ‘Remarkable’ Dundee art students graduate after their degree show is canceled.

2021, April - New York Times, Don’t Take Your Head Out of the Clouds! (pdf version)

2021, January - Big Think: The secret life of maladaptive daydreaming (pdf version)


2020, December - Hello Giggles: Feeling Distracted Lately? You Could Blame This Daydreaming

         Behavioral Disorder (pdf version)

2020, December - Bustle: Why Maladaptive Daydreaming Is All Over Your For You Page (pdf version)

2020, October - The Hindu: The dark side to daydreaming (pdf version)

2020, October - Psychiatry Advisor: High Prevalence of Maladaptive Daydreaming Among Patients With

         Dissociative Disorders (pdf version)

2020, August - ED Times India: FlippED: Is Daydreaming An Indicator Of Creativity Or A Detrimental

         Distraction? (pdf version)

2020, June - Mental Health Today UK: Maladaptive Daydreaming: the underrepresented condition

2020, June - Medium: Maladaptive Daydreaming The disorder you’ve never heard of (pdf version)

2020, June - The Swaddle (India): All You Need To Know About Maladaptive Daydreaming (pdf version)

2020, May - The Mighty: What You Should Know About Maladaptive Daydreaming (pdf version)

2020, February - Health Guidance: Can Maladaptive Daydreaming Be Treated?

2020, January - Distraction Magazine: Bittersweet daydreams (pdf version)


2019, December - From the Grapevine: When daydreaming becomes a disorder (pdf version)

2019, November - Dailyhawker: Maladaptive Daydreaming: What Is It? Do You Do it? (pdf version)

2019 - Her: Irish photographer releases book about coping with the condition Maladaptive Daydreaming

           (pdf version)


2018, December - Health Line: Maladaptive Daydreaming

2018, August - Frontiers: Excessive daydreaming linked to obsessive-compulsive symptoms (pdf version)

2018, July - US News: Is Your Excessive Daydreaming a Sign of a More Serious Problem? (pdf version)

2018, June - British Psychological Society: People with “Maladaptive Daydreaming” spend an average

        of four hours a day lost in their imagination (pdf version)

2018, June - Insider: If you spend hours in your head every day, you might have something called

        maladaptive daydreaming (pdf version)

2018, March - MAG the weekly: Decades in a Daydream (pdf version)

2018, January - ABC Australia: The women who can't stop daydreaming (pdf version)

2018, January - Big Think: People with 'maladaptive daydreaming' spend an average of four hours a

        day lost in their imagination (pdf version)


2017, November - Forbes Africa: The Mind’s Virtual Reality (pdf version)

2017, October - BBC: The daydream that never stops (pdf version)

2017, October - BuzzFeed: I Lost Decades In A Daydream

2017, September - Medical News Today: What's to know about maladaptive daydreaming?

2017, March - Scientific American - Living in an imaginary world (pdf version)

2017, January - Vice: When Does Obsessive Daydreaming Become a Mental Illness?


2016, December - CNN: Maladaptive daydreaming: When fantasies become a nightmare

2016, December - Fox News: Maladaptive daydreaming: When fantasies become a nightmare (pdf version)

2016, November - CBS New York: What To Do When ‘Destructive Daydreams’ Overtake Reality

2016, October - New York Magazine: What it's like when your daydream are just as real as life

2016, August - The Wireless New Zeeland: A world of their own (pdf version)

2016, August - Lone Wolf Magazine: Maladaptive Daydreaming, When Fantasies Take Over Your Life

2016, May - Wall Street Journal: When Daydreaming Becomes a Problem (pdf version)


2015, April - The Atlantic: When daydreaming replaces real life (pdf version)


2013, June - Medical DailyMaladaptive Daydreaming — What Is It?

Local international media outlets (sorted by date)


2022, January - La rêverie compulsive : les aceros à l’imaginaire. Cerveau & Psycho, 118, 82-87. (In French).


2021, September - De Volkskrant, Dagdromen om niet te hoeven leven (in Dutch). (pdf version)

2021, May -  My Republica: Maladaptive daydreaming: Bane or Boon?

2021, March -  NPİSTANBUL Beyin Hastanesi (in Turkish): Yalnız bireyler kendi hayali dünyalarına saklanıyor (pdf of the English translation).

2021, March - (in Czech): Mozkové alfa vlny si přejí kreativitu. Jsou povzbuzováni meditací a   žehlením. (pdf version).

2021, March - Ticino7 (in Italian): Sognare di sognarsi: tra mente, realtà e fantasies (Dreaming of                  dreaming: between mind, reality and fantasies, (English language pdf version).

2021, February - (in Dutch): The Daydreamers. A conversation with film director Thomas Renckens (In Dutch.     (pdf of English translation).

2021, January (in Italian): Maladaptive daydreaming: essere prigionieri dei propri sogni ad occhi      aperti (pdf version).



2020, October - Ultima Voce (in Italian): Maladaptive Daydreaming: quando sognare ad occhi aperti è un

         problema (pdf version)

2020, August - IzmirTime35 (in Turkish) - Maladabtive Daydreaming NEDİR? (pdf version)

2020, August - Svenska Dagbladet (in Swedish): Professor: Att dagdrömma kan bli som missbruk (pdf


2020, August - ED Times India: FlippED: Is Daydreaming An Indicator Of Creativity Or A Detrimental

        Distraction? (pdf version)

2020, June - Siakap Leli (in Malay): Anda Kuat Berangan? Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder Adalah

         Penyakit Mental Yang Anda Kena Elak – Kajian (pdf version)

2020, June - The Swaddle (India): All You Need To Know About Maladaptive Daydreaming (pdf version)

2020, June - Solopos Indonesia (in Indonesian): Jangan Sering Melamun, Bisa Kena Gangguan

         Maladaptive Daydreaming (pdf version)

2020, May - Sosyal Insan (in Turkish): Çok Fazla Hayal Kurma Sendromu: Maladaptive Daydreaming (pdf


2020, May - Deutschlandfunk Nova (in German): Maladaptives Tagträumen: Wenn Träumen zur Sucht

         wird (pdf version)

2020, March - DocCheck (in German): Im Tagtraum gefangen (pdf version)


2019, December - Baidu (in Chinese): 幻想带给我很多的快乐和痛苦:了解一下非适应性白日梦

2019, December - The Daily Star Pakistan: Maladaptive Daydreaming: More than a fantasy (pdf version)

2019, December - Focus (in German): Maladaptives Tagträumen Kaum Kontrolle über eigene Gedanken -

        Lena verliert sich stundenlang in Fantasiewelt (pdf version)

2019, November - Gehirn & Geist (in German): Flucht aus der Wirklichkeit (pdf version)

2019, November - Makor Rishon (in Hebrew): The dream and its interpretation (pdf version)

2019, July - MindTollBox Iran (in Farsi): هنگامی که خیال پردازی تبدیل به اختلال می شود (pdf version)


2018, August - News1 (in Hebrew): New findings show correlation between maladaptive daydreaming

        and OCD symptoms (pdf version)

2018, August - DoctorsOnly (in Hebrew): Maladaptive daydreaming, impairment of daily functioning and

        distress (pdf version)

2018, August - BizPortal (in Hebrew): Love daydreaming? It might be phatological (pdf version)


2016, May - Ha'aretz (in Hebrew): Maladaptive daydreaming may turn into a psychiatric disorder (pdf



  TV and informational videos